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Villa Tramontana is in the heart of the old village of Sveta Jelena, above Mošćenička Draga and Mošćenice at the Opatija Riviera. It is in an ideal spot in a calm area, just a few minutes away from the seaside, that offers a perfect opportunity for nature lovers and a peaceful holiday. Every season is beautiful here and the environment offers unlimited opportunities ready to discover and experience. Those who fall in love with this region and Villa Tramontana always come back!

For nature lovers, hikers and joggers there are plenty roads and marked trails leading to beautiful panoramic  views, cliffs, river  sources and hamlets. Some suggestions are: Mošćenice – Sv. Jelena – Brseč, Mošćenice – Kalac, Mošćenice – Grabrova, Mošćenice – Selce. Some of those places belong to the Učka Nature Park and archeology heritage, while others are part of the Ćićarija plateau and are synonymous with tradition and untouched nature.

A trail from Lovran and Medveja to the peak of Mount Učka - Vojak (1401 m) takes 3 to 4 hours. Warm clothes are recommended since the sun at the top of Učka can be tricky. However, once at the top you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of Istria, the Kvarner islands, Slovenian Alps and Italian Dolomiti mountains.

For active holiday and adrenaline sports lovers there are many outdoor activities: hiking, free climbing, paragliding, horse riding, speleological excursions, adventure races, jeep safari. For cyclists in good shape we suggest this trail (52 km long) among 8 signed trails for cross cycling in the Učka Nature Park. The trail starts in Lovran and leads through Sv. Jelena, across the village of Mala Učka and then back to Lovran, a village of chestnuts and cherries.

Free climbers will love the canyon of Vele Drage, one of the greatest climbing areas in Croatia with 62 climbing trails. Many gliders (paragliding and hang gliding) are attracted to Učka and its many take-off spots. For a fly over Učka please contact the following clubs: Homo Volans and Krila Kvarnera.

For those who love animals, particularly horses and horseback riding, we recommend trails on horseback. For more information, please contact the following ranches: Grabrova Ranch. A special adrenaline opportunity is provided by a safari jeep drive through the less known places off the beaten path, but nevertheless beautiful. You can drive on your own or hire a professional driver.

The sea too offers a lot to do. There are local diving clubs and agencies offering interesting programmes with their submarine nature year round.

The beaches at the foot of Sveta Jelena, in Mošćenička Draga and its surroundings are considered some of the most beautiful in the Kvarner area. The locals call them Sipar. They are a few hundred meters long, formed by the streams of water and sand coming from Mount Učka. The beach reaches Sv. Ivan with beautiful small bays between the rocks. Nudists can use the nudist beach of Senjavac, just behind the Sv. Ivan beach. Between Mošćenička Draga and Brseč are two larger beaches, Uboka and Jelenšćica, which can be reached on foot from the Rijeka – Pula main road. If you have a boat, you can discover the coast around Brseč and reach the beaches Pod Brseč and Stupova. The beach of Sv. Ivan can be reached on foot if you walk along the road from Mošćenice, and then take the steps leading to the beach.

The Opatija Riviera and Opatija will charm you. Opatija is the queen of Croatian tourism and one of the most elegant towns of the Mediterranean, attracting tourists from all over the world for more than 150 years. Thanks to its mild Mediterranean climate and its Thalassotherapy, it has always been a famous health resort. Today it is a popular destination for wellness and congress tourism with its beautiful Habsburg villas, magnificent gardens and one of the most beautiful seaside promenades in Europe, more than a century old – Lungomare. Opatija abounds in restaurants with local and international cuisine where you can taste great seafood or local specialities. Not to mention the coffee-shops, clubs, a casino and more.

Don’t forget to visit surrounding villages of Volosko, Ika, Ičići, Lovran (easily reached on foot along the coast from Opatija) or Brseč (a short drive).

If you want to visit Istra, terra magica, you may want to visit the Brijuni archipelago, a national park with untouched nature that used to be a world jet-set destination. Today it is the only national park in Istria. Its 14 islands with crystalline sea are a unique biosphere covering more than 700 ha with rare plants and beautiful animal species, and are once again becoming a meeting point of the world's artists and business jet-setters. The boat for the Brijuni archipelago leaves from Fažana, a short drive from Pula.

The Istrian coast is covered with gems like the thousand-year-old Pula with its Roman Amphitheatre (Arena), the symbol of the city, where gladiator shows used to take place; the romantic town of Rovinj with its narrow streets, small squares and a rocky beach; or towns like Poreč, Novigrad or Umag. On the other hand, the interior of Istria reflects medieval legends - that its stone towns on hilltops were constructed by giants. One of them is Hum, the smallest city in the world, followed Motovun, Grožnjan, Pazin, Buzet, Završje… And the whole region is dotted with gastronomical, wine or olive oil routes, agritourism and rural villas… Come and discover why this region is nicknamed “Croatian Tuscany”!

For nature lovers there is another attraction only 200 km away (about a 3-hour drive, mostly on the motorway) – Plitvice Lakes National Park (Plitvička jezera). It is the oldest, biggest and the most popular national park in Croatia, as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Every season tells its own story there, with 16 beautiful turquoise lakes connected with waterfalls, surrounded by magical forests  with game, birds, butterflies and a unique vegetation. Words fail to describe this beauty of nature, and if you decide to visit it you will never forget this paradise on Earth.



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Barci 13a - Sv. Jelena
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